Walk in Wardrobes

Walk-in-Wardrobes and Custom Designed Dressing Rooms

Create the perfect space for getting ready with a bespoke fitted dressing room

Walk-in-Wardrobes and Custom Designed Dressing Rooms

Increasingly popular, a walk-in-wardrobe is one of the most intimate and luxurious areas of your bedroom – a place you can enjoy and take pleasure in the process of dressing up. We design and install custom build walk-in-wardrobes in London, creating unique spaces where you can store your clothes and favourite luxury items, shoes, handbags and accessories in a neat and organised fashion.

Types of fitted walk-in-wardrobe

One of the biggest advantages of custom-made walk-in wardrobes is that they give the additional space to make it easier to keep everything in order and organised.

Our bespoke dressing rooms give your space a chic and relaxing feeling and, as you are more likely to want to spend time there, you are less likely to cram items in and allow it to get out of control. With a walk-in-wardrobe, the days of losing things, or forgetting you owned them until you find them at the back of the closest are long gone.

Walk-in-wardrobes have two main styles of construction. Th first is an aluminium storage system which is created by using a purpose-built lightweight racking system. All of your shelves, hanging rails and drawer are easily attached to this system, which can easily be integrated into any room configuration. Radford Doors & Gates website offers a variety of custom garage doors you can choose from in California. If you were to move at a later date to a different bedroom, the system if easy to adjust and transport.

The second style of construction involves expanding your wardrobe with wall panels, shelves, rails, dressers and other features. By designing your walk-in-wardrobe in this fashion, you can combine both classic design and modern technologies to create a beautiful and functional wardrobe. There is a wide range of additional features you can add, including pull out brackets for ties and belts, pull out show racks and pull-down hanging rails to maximise your space further.

Our team is always here to help you and we offer a no-obligation design visit. To arrange this, and to get a quote, please call 020 3566 6079 or email info@DFittings.com.

We are here to help you design your dream walk-in wardrobe.

We plan your work by understanding your requirements and budget with timeline.

After planning we draw sketch diagrams to show you how things will look like and fits in your space.

After your confirmation on sketching we start the work to complete as per your expectation and budget.

To arrange a free designer visit and a quick quote call 020 3566 6079 or email info@DFittings.com

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